What if I want to keep some things private?

SavvyConnect respects Private Browsing modes. While enabled, no data is collected from the current browsing session. However, please note that extensive use of the private browsing modes may affect your participation status. 

For browsers

To enable Private Browsing please follow the instruction within your browser.

For computer extensions

Toggle off the “Enable Web Tracking and Opt-In to SavvyConnect VIP” switch via the SavvyConnect by SavvyShares extension page.

For Microsoft Edge and Firefox extensions disable the extension via the browser settings menu.

For Android

To disable the VPN on Android, simply use the “Pause VPN” feature via your notification panel. Data collection will then be suspended for 5 minutes or until you restart your device.

For iOS

To disable the VPN on iOS, simply use the “Pause VPN” feature in the main menu (available in SavvyConnect v2.7+ only,) to temporally disable the SavvyConnect VPN for one hour.