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It’s your data.
Invest it wisely.

Don’t just get paid once for your opinions. In fact, don’t just get paid for your own opinions. When you join SavvyShares, you own a piece of the profits earned by every participant for as long as you stay a member.

Introducing SavvyShares, the first member-owned consumer panel based on the recognition that your data belongs to you. SavvyShares empowers you to privately and confidently exchange your valuable data and opinions for shares in the company. As we grow, so do your dividends. Everybody wins.

Put your valuable data to work.


The more members, the more valuable the data. The more money in your pocket.


Your data is collected and shared through the most secure channels.


Only share the data you’re comfortable with.


Profit sharing in a community owned platform ensures continual returns.

You’re not just paid
for taking surveys.

Empower yourself with privacy, control and compensation for sharing your valuable digital data. Download our app to safely track your digital activity across all your devices. The longer you “share” your digital data the more shares you earn.

For every swipe,
or click.

Your Data Pays Dividends.