Announcing SavvyShares – Launch of New Platform

Welcome to SavvyShares: A Member-Owned Platform that Pays You Shares in Exchange for Your Valuable Data and Opinions

SavvyShares is a unique member-owned consumer panel that offers you shares in the company as compensation for your participation. Your shares increase as you respond to surveys and/or provide digital data. Your shares then have the opportunity to earn dividends over time, as opposed to the traditional one-time payment you might otherwise receive. Dividends are paid out annually, based on the profitability of the company so as SavvyShares succeeds, so do you. The more data you contribute, the more shares you earn.

Consumer data will increase in value as privacy policies limit large data collectors from accessing and using personal online information. Your opinions are important in driving product innovation and SavvyShares ensures that consumer data and opinions are available.

The survey industry has evolved from random dialing to online panels. It’s  experiencing concerns over the privacy of valuable personal data captured by online platforms and used without consumers’ knowledge – or compensation. SavvyShares was created in response to many of these issues.

In addition to earning shares by completing surveys, you can also earn shares by contributing digital data. This is collected when you install our SavvyConnect app on your PC or mobile devices. Then, as you browse online, you contribute critical data and earn more shares.

Think of SavvyShares as a way to invest in yourself – and in your future. Welcome to the community.

Data sharing is now in your control with SavvyShares, the only member-owned community for information intelligence empowering you with proprietary privacy to confidently contribute your own valuable data and rewarding you with ownership shares, dividends and driving global good.